Colas move to Birmingham Business Park

It's always a very daunting task establishing a new office in a new location, Colas picked Birmingham Business Park for its prime location and links to key transport networks, however following move date in August 2020 we quickly established that the Park is not just a place to work, but also a place to network and socialise in clean and tidy outdoor spaces.

This has benefited most of our team who are active runners and also the less active people who just like to have a walk to get lunch or speak to friends on the phone.

We like the fact that the Park has local amenities within walking distance and that also the Park benefits from a friendly Park Management Team. We especially like the initiatives the Park has put in place including the onsite Honey production and also the visiting pop up food stalls.

We look forward to many more years on the Business Park and look forward to participating in their future events.

Richard Cooper
Head of Procurement Colas UK Projects

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